Clarksons have considerable experience on projects in Explosive Atmospheres. Through our expertise as authorised hazardous area inspectors we can provide a full appraisal of your electrical installation and its compliance with hazardous area standards.

Recent accidents highlight a company’s risk in storing hazardous or highly flammable materials including printing inks, thinners, paints, chemicals, petroleum, LPG and CNG.

Businesses using or storing volatile or inflammable materials such as printing inks, thinners, paints, chemicals, petrol and gas need to ensure that electrical design installations and maintenance comply with hazardous area standards and practices. Non-compliance can expose a business and its owners to claims under the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Before it gets that far, call us, and we can provide a full appraisal of your electrical installation and its compliance with the Explosive Atmospheres standards.

Non-compliance poses enormous safety risk and financial claims against business owners under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and/or with individual Insurers. It is very important to have your building or site audited and make changes to ensure compliance in the hazardous area.

Clarksons is one of the few New Zealand companies that have in-house Competent Explosive Atmosphere Inspectors. Clarksons have a presence on the AS/NZS standards committee for Explosive Atmospheres, and this means we offer a full service in this very important area.

We have worked with well-known companies such as Air New Zealand, Mobil Oil, Contact Energy, Meridian Energy, Nu Farm, New Zealand Oil Services, Auckland Airport, and New Zealand Steel who value our services in reducing risk and ensuring compliance in this area. This means you can be confident we have the expertise necessary to oversee this for you. All of our staff are trained in the AS/NZS 4761.2008 competencies and are conversant with the AS/NZS 60079 set of standards for Explosive Atmospheres.

Key services of Clarksons Explosive Atmospheres include:

Hazardous Site Audit and Inspections Compliance with Hazardous Area Standards
Design Services Provisions of CAD drafting and as built drawings
Appraisal of Electrical Installation Training site personnel in respect to Hazardous Areas

Explosive Atmosphere 4 yearly Re-Inspections of:

Spray Booths Flour Silos
Bottle Plants Dust Laden Atmospheres
Dangerous Goods Stores