Safety is the number one priority for Clarkson Electrical. We have an extensive Health & Safety policy, it all comes down to three words “Nobody Gets Hurt“. We comply with the International recognised Loss Prevention System (LPS). We have arguably the best safety awareness and record of any Electrical Company in New Zealand.

Clarkson Electrical produces a quarterly safety newsletter Safe Talk to update and inform staff and contractors of safety alerts, new standards and, legislation and safety practices. At Clarksons Electrical, all our staff and contractors are constantly updated on safe working practices, which keeps the safety of you as the customer and our staff our top priority.

ACC Workplace
We have been successfully audited by ACC Workplace Safety and have meet tertiary level requirements for Health & Safety policies and practices. This is the highest possible level of achievement which means you have peace of mind when using Clarkson Electrical for your Electrical Servicing and Project Work.

Site Safe
Being a Site Safe member ensures all our staff are trained on site safety. This means we don’t compromise on the safety of our staff, our customers and the public.

Loss Prevention System
Loss Prevention System (LPS) has been chosen by Clarkson Electrical because it is an excellent proven system that is beneficial to staff, contractors and visitors.
The LPS has been integrated into our existing system and is designed to prevent accidents before they happen. This behaviour based system reduces incidents in the workplace and increases safety both at our workplace and in other parts of life.

Yellow Card Training
All Clarkson Electrical staff, contractors and sub-contractors who perform work on Exxon Mobil sites have received comprehensive yellow card training.
Yellow card reinforces the need to meet safety standards (in particular the safety golden rules) and to identify and correct undesirable behaviours.