SK700-ll AdBlue

So what is AdBlue®? In summary, AdBlue® is an additive that is used in the SCR process. It is particularly known for its ability to reduce harmful emissions and is injected into exhaust gases, cleaning them before they enter the atmosphere.

AdBlue® dispensing does pose some unique challenges however. Due to AdBlue® properties such as compatibility only with stainless steel and few grades of plastics, freezing at -11°C, and crystallisation on contact with air, even the most minor impurities can damage the expensive catalytic systems of vehicles.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s modular SK700-II AdBlue® pump range has been uniquely designed and field proven to meet the rigorous demands that AdBlue suppliers face when it comes to AdBlue® filling, whilst at the same time fitting seamlessly with the rest of the solutions and systems on your forecourt.



Temperature operating range: -25°C to +40°C (-40°C option)

Adblue dispensing: 4 to 40 litres / min

Metering technology: Electromagnetic flow meter

Built in heaters: FuHeat or Heated Hose

Heaters power consumption: 0 – 950 Watts / hr

Communication protocol options: As per standard SK700-II


Clarksons AdBlue Brochure

SK700-ll Certificate of Approval

SK700-ll Certificate of Conformity