TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge

The TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge and Environmental Protection System provides the most comprehensive fuel site data for advanced fuel asset management. Combining industry leading algorithms with enhanced security, real-time notification, and anywhere, anytime access, the TLS-450PLUS keeps your site running and profitable.



  • Maximum Tank Probes: Up to 32 Mag Plus or Mag-FLEX probes (can be mixed)
  • Intrinsically Safe Probe / Sensor Inputs: 64 per console or 256 total with TLS-XB
  • Pressure Line Leak Testing: Up to 16 Lines
  • Sensors: Up to 99 of any one type
  • Relays / External Inputs: 80 relays, 80 HV inputs, 64 LV inputs (max capacity, with TLS-XB)
  • SLD Static Tank Testing: Standard with Mag 1 / Mag 2 probes in underground tanks
  • CSLD Statistical Tank Testing: Optional with Mag 1 / Mag 2 probes in underground tanks
  • AccuChart™ Automatic Calibration with Advanced Diagnostics: Optional
  • BIR Business Inventory Reconciliation: Optional
  • Delivery Variance Reporting: Optional
  • HRM Hourly Reconciliation Monitoring: Optional
  • Data Storage & Available Reports: Up to 3 Years
  • Integral Printer: Optional
  • No Display Console Version: Optional
  • PLLD Electronic Line Leak detection: Optional
  • Email: Built-in
  • Data Logger Functionality (Insite360): Built-in
  • Remote Software Download: Yes (requires console registration)
  • Density Monitoring: Yes (requires Mag Plus Density Probes & Float Kits)
  • Phase Separation: Yes, with Phase-Two 4” floats
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40°C to 70°C
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 40°C
  • New features:
    • TSL Timed Sudden Loss detection: Optional
    • VR2 Vapour Recovery Alarm Monitoring: Optional
    • IFSF over TCP/IP
    • IFSF LON


Clarksons TLS 450+ Brochure


TLS-450PLUS Operators Quick Help Guide

TLS-450PLUS Site Prep and Installation Manual