Trapper Intake Screen

Red Jacket’s Trapper Intake Screen blocks in-tank particles from entering the site fueling system

Prolong filter life and save money with the Red Jacket Trapper Intake Screen. High-quality, continuous slot design prevents accumulation and lodging of particles from underground storage tanks, maintaining peak performance of the submersible pump and keeping debris from entering the site’s fueling system and dispensers.



Available on new 4″ units and as a field retrofit kit for Red Jacket pumps only.

Key features: Designed specifically to fit at the end of Red Jacket Turbine Pumps

Key benefits:

  • Reduces submersible intake filter changes to as low as once per year per line, saving on labor and filter costs by preventing tank particulates from entering the fluid system
  • High-quality continuous slot design specifically engineered for Red Jacket Submersible Pumps.


Clarksons Trapper Intake Brochure