Clarkons Provides Local Youth With Career Opportunities

While the Clarksons’ offering includes property maintenance, electrical services, and fuel services, they are committed to delivering far beyond their daily task list. As a family-owned business, they strongly value supporting their local communities. Despite their years of growth, these values have never been compromised.

Youth Inspire, a not-for-profit organisation, located in Wellington, supports youth in the Lower Hutt into employment, training, and education. Seeing an opportunity to not only engage with the community as well as an opportunity to bring in some recruits, Clarksons’ Wellington Branch Manager Phill Dobbin got in touch.

“From my meetings with Phil, I knew he was a very caring person and had a unique way of looking after people. He’ll kick people into gear, but at the same time, he’s very much an arm around the shoulder kind of person,” says Youth Inspire’s General Manager Alison Black.

Looking to learn new skills and get a new career on track, Clayton Tipene got involved with Youth Inspire in mid-2016. After working with Black to better understand what Tipene was looking for, he was paired with Clarksons.

“They got me an interview with Clarksons, and then a month later, Phil got back in touch with me and offered me a job,” says Tipene.

Black says, “Throughout Clayton’s apprenticeship, myself, Clarksons, and Clayton worked collaboratively to see what more we could do to support his growth. It was such a wonderful thing to see everyone rallying behind him.”

“During my apprenticeship, Clarksons helped me quite a bit with developing all different kinds of skills, including electrical, fuels, property, and helping me improve my communication skills,” comments Tipene.

Like any apprenticeship, Tipene was introduced to a variety of different environments and got to experience hands-on work alongside a supportive and encouraging team that was with him every step of the way. Recently, Tipene passed his Electrical Theory exam and has only one more exam left to be fully qualified.

“I’ve gained a lot of confidence through my time at Clarksons. Right now, the team is getting ready to train me in hazardous work areas. I’m looking forward to continuing down the track Clarksons has put me on.”

Clarksons continues to be committed to supporting their communities and helping others discover new paths that lead to brighter futures.

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